Astro – Catchin Wrek [New Video] @AstronomicalKid


Fast forward past x-Factor and jump straight to Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics, which can be downloaded here, and you will find who I believe is an ill lyricist.  Period.  Then add the fact that he is younger than your little brother (in most cases) and able to be played in the whip with your fam (kids included)… and Astro will not disappoint you.  A lot of people scream about how the youth have no heart and soul when it comes to hip hop.  If thats truly your frame of mind then this may completely change that, or at least start to point your opinion in  a different direction.

Catchin Wrek definitely makes it hot!!  Check the video and let us know what you think.  I believe this is the second joint off the mixtape Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics, which can be downloaded here.

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Born and raised in New York where he resides with his mother, Astro attends Junior high school in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn, which is where he developed and cultivated his skills as an emcee. What sets Astro apart from other rappers is his ability to conceptualize and convey his thoughts over any track, in such a way that evokes nostalgia in the hearts of old school hip-hop followers, all the while providing a fresh new sound that is sure to get the heads’ of the new hip-hop generation bopping. A contradiction in and of himself, Astro is a diehard old school rap fanatic. He spends much of his time studying the lyrical styles of artist in the likes of Rakim, KRS 1, and Run DMC, just to name a few. Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and Nas have also served as sources of influence for Astro. His greatest musical influence however, is Jay-Z, to whom he is often compared.

Astro has developed into a force to be reckoned with, ensuring that anyone who attends his show will leave feeling thoroughly entertained. Never a disappointment, Astro continues to wow audiences along the east coast, performing a medley of his hits at events such as; The City of Wilmington, DE’s Stop The Violence Rally, The NYC Board of Education’s Light Night ceremony, The Cakeman Raven’s Annual Block Party in Brooklyn, NY, The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and the BK Fashion Weekend. Yes, Astro puts it down at any venue; he commands the attention of everyone within earshot of his microphone. With a single titled “Stop Looking at My Moms,” it’s almost impossible for anyone not to stand at attention when The Astronomical Kid takes the stage. With each performance Astro takes one step closer to becoming the artist he was born to be. His rapidly growing fan base reflects just how true to the game he is. In an era where getting up on a stage and just spitting a hot sixteen bars isn’t enough anymore, Astro gives a show that no one will soon forget. With backup dancers and a hype-girl, it is an experience that cannot be explained, only felt. Even before he hit his teens, Astro mastered the art of entertaining, making many so called “established artist” look like amateurs. The kid is dope!!! Dubbed “The Hip-hop Resurrector”, “The Lyric Perfector” Astro is in two words… The Truth!!!




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