950 Plus


950+ (Plus) is the universal symbol for platinum, and the trademark stamp that this male hip hop group is represented by. 950 consist of two extraordinary minds from the streets of the South Bronx, New York. Young Duse is the youngest member of this hip hop duo. He is the source of energy and youth for 950. F Ezzy, is the heart and blood of this unit. He is the continuing driving force that maintains their focus. Together they form one body “950” – Man Up!

950 Plus has always been more than numbers in Hip Hop.  Collaborating together with a Bronx legend, and mentor, AG, the blend of fresh and classic comes alive with every track you here on the classic staple I Ova E album. “The overall formula was to showcase 950 and AG as one, to show the competition we do come together and the outcome will always be success,” explains F- Ezzy, one half of 950 Plus. All three hail from the birthing mecca of hip hop, the Bronx and all three bring you intelligence over emotion. As their intro track starts, the resemblance to the late great Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is stamped and started. The scary and dark track matches the core of the hip hop lyrics they spit as the pianos keys blend with the banging beat. AG’s presence in this album is relevant and saluted as you feel his entrance onto a track. The legendary rappers mix of rhymes and influences is carried out between each line. If you pay close attention you can read there is much more knowledge he wants you to catch than meets the ear. You get the instant feel this album will be strong and victorious. “Till I retire” is a core seed. 950 spits rhymes with the hunger many rappers loose along their way. The struggles they know are what comes out of them vocally and as raw as they can be. They single handedly represent they are hip hop and don’t get confused for reggaeton rappers. The lady anthems are there. From “Iz U Down” to “S.I.N.G. for me,” the songs cause your hips to swing and give baby making tracks a run for their money. This is not another 950 album you heard in the past. The word play on tracks like “Ice Cold” is one which challenges your favorite southern rapper, but keeps the playfulness only Duse and F-Ezzy can voice. Meanwhile the Funk Master Flex rotated “Bronx Bound,” lets you hear AG’s seal of authenticity as you have to do nothing but pay your respects where is due. With Michael Jackson resemblances and samples all over the album, you can’t help but see that maybe they might have found more than just a formula. “We wanted to bridge the gap between fan bases and cross promote the talent to different markets,” states F-Ezzy. The bridge KRS- One told us all about, was across the Hudson to the Bronx, where it all started and where is still at.

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Tracks produced by LexZyne Productions:

Glow – (Project To Be Determined)  (2010)

Love & Berries – (Project To Be Determined)  (2011)


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