C-Rayz Walz


Waleed Shabazz, better known by his stage name C-Rayz Walz, is a rapper from The Bronx, New York. He is currently a member of the underground record label Definitive Jux and NY hip hop syndicate Stronghold. In addition to releasing four LPs and one EP, he has appeared on many other rappers’ records, including Aesop Rock and Immortal Technique, and has done work with such artists as Percee P and Messiah J & The Expert. Immortal Technique is reputed to be the only MC who can hold his ground against Walz in a freestyle battle.

On June 29, 2005, he appeared with Toki Wright on MTV’s Made series as “MADE Coaches” for a Jewish teenager named Nile Greenberg (son of Steven Greenberg) who wanted to be made into a rapper. This was the premiere episode of the second series and featured Ghostface Killah, Snoop Dogg and The Game. He also appeared on the 2005 compilation album Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture. On October 14 he was featured on the concept album Freestyle vs. Written with Israeli-American hip hop artist Kosha Dillz. C-Rayz Walz freestyled all of his verses for the album, while Kosha Dillz’s used written rhymes. He is also a member of the Wu-Tang affiliated group, Almighty, along with rappers Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, M-80, Son One and 5-Star.

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