C-Rayz Walz – All Blvck Everything: The Prelude



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Blvck Glory produced by LexZyne Productions.  Salute to C-Rayz!

Yeah.  No…HELL YEAH!  As a big C-Rayz Walz fan, this release is exciting! It has been a long time since I have heard some new music from this ever talented emcee.  Not only that, but I feel this freebie may contain some of his best songs,…ever.   This bodes really well for his upcoming album.  Just a few weeks ago, Canibus, released the album that everyone knew he could make but was since missing from his discography.  Now I have the feeling that C-Rayz Walz himself may be on verge of that vaunted, yet elusive, classic album.

C-Rayz Walz has never been short on dope lines and flow.  Where the albums have been lacking in my mind is on the production tip.  With that being said, this album is brimming with dope production from start to finish.  When that production mingles with C-Rayz Walz lyrical creativity, sparks fly with this release.

In a world full of copycat emcees in un-originality, C-Rayz Walz sets himself apart verse by verse.  The first track, Blvck Genesis is produced by Goke.  The beat is laid really nice with a chopped up vocal sample and piano loop.  C-Rayz Walz then reminds you with the first few lines that he is one of a kind in a world of carbon copies.

“Black Genesis, acknowledge me as God Body biology / You want proof? You can check my discography / Green regime, the Science of Life, Eloheem / The Prelude, Exodus of Sun-Cycle Energy

It’s his ability to put his thoughts together within the staccato flow that makes it all the more impressive.  This track serves as a reminder or introduction (whichever you prefer) to all his previous work.  To those of us who have followed him for his entire career it just puts into perspective how prolific the man has been throughout the years.

Blvck C.O.T.S. is another standout track to this ‘pre-album’. The track utilizes a guitar riff to push the track and in the background there is some wind instrument samples used to give the track some depth. And then it’s just C=Rayz Walz dropping some ill bars like “…you trying to throw salt in the wound AND black pepper“.   This song illustrates his ability to put phrases together that can only be termed as “clever”.

Blvck Rock Lockdown has a production team lace together different rock riffs from Queen’s sport’s anthem, We Will Rock You, and then give them a hip hop flavor.  And to me this sounds like a hip rendition of Johnny Cash’s, Live From Folsom Prison.  It’s an ill dedication to those who are locked down with a little advice laced inside the verses.  This song addresses the fact that C-Rayz Walz was locked down himself recently, so he knows what he is talking about and speaks from an informed position.

All Blvk Everything is filled with dope rhymes, which could always be expected from C-Rayz Walz.  You can also expect a sharp wit and a dagger tongue as fires of barrage after barrage of dope lines.    What we haven’t been able to count on in the past was an album where the production was on par with lyrical content.  With this ‘pre-album’ you are getting both.  You hear C-Rayz Walz at his absolute best over some neck-snapping and enjoyable beats.   If this is just the foreboding of things to come then I think we are all in for a treat.

Salute to HipHop Decency

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