Fresh Artist: Elise 5000 Brings In The Future of R&B

With millions of downloads under her belt and various international collaborations, Elise 5000′s got the Internet in a frenzy! Featured on hundreds of top music blogs and sites, Elise 5000 has invariably crossed the genre line being considered one of the most versatile artists out with Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Progressive House, and Alternative Hip Hop music in her repertoire just to name a few.

We very rarely post anything on R & B if at all but this caught our eyes and ears.  Instead of independent, man bashing music this was something that brought that supportive feeling that seems to be missing in a lot of music.  We understand you can do it on your own and that you may hate the last person you were dealing with enough to have a whole Louis Vuitton collection of baggage, we do get it, but sometimes we (men) want to know that you still dig us and support us.  Let us know that you’re happy to be with us for a change.  That’s where “In Love With You” came in.

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She definitely has a wide range of appeal and can add value to almost any type of track.  It shouldn’t be long before you start hearing her on a whole lot of feature with a whole lot of artists both R & B and Hip Hop.

[yframe url=’’] 5000 also has a mixtape, “Vintage”,  available for download here.  There’s a lot of good music on this project.  If you dig soulful music with a new school / futuristic flare then this is definitely the joint you want to take the time to download. “This new mixtape is being considered by her musical peers as “Revolutionary” with a new genre being slowly created.  Elise 5000 Pulls from the depths of her soul snagging pieces of the 90′s sound and blending those elements with the future”

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Elise 5000 is definitely someone to keep an eye on. She will be blowing up the radio waves in every region before you know it. Leave a comment below and let us know how you feel about her music.



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