New Music – “4/11” by Quanstar [Download Now]

4/11 by Quanstar

(Produced by LexZyne Productions)

April 21st, 2011 marks the release of 4/11”, the EP by Quanstar.  First Team Music teamed up with LexZyne Productions to bring 6 solid tracks of this reality rap project.  This is music for the working class.  After production on “The Underdog”, Quanstar’s  last release, First Team Music decided that they wanted to enlist LexZyne Productions to work on a series of EP’s and albums with the emcee to keep hitting the masses with on a consistent basis. This is the first.  Read a review by clicking here.


About Quanstar
An emcee, a publicist, a self promoter, a booking agent, a movie producer, an author, a father, and a visionary. These are the many faces of the man that has come to be known as the hardest working man in hip hop to never be signed.

From Compton, Ca, Quanstar was originally exposed to hip hop at the age of 7 with his first cassette tape, “Radio” by LL Cool J, and instantly became a certified head. Seven years later he began honing his skills battling everyone and anyone who thought they were an emcee.

Quanstar is a trip to the early ‘90’s, the Golden Age of Hip Hop. He paints vivid pictures with conscious, heartfelt lyrics which is a feat that few can achieve in the current hip hop arena that is now saturated with ”bling and booty”. Quanstar’s approach is to bring hip hop back to where it used to be…about the people.


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