[New Music] The Underdog – Quanstar [Review & Download]

[The Underdog]Vowing that he’s “the greatest fucking emcee to never be signed,” Quanstar is back with his fourth volume of unsigned music. Regrettably I missed the first three and only recently got introduced to his music, but the self-titled single off his new “Underdog” album drifted into my inbox and impressed me enough to get a spin on my weekly podcast. It’s amazing how many talented rappers are putting their albums straight out to the public, for free or for a small donation fee, and just bypassing the conventional “get a deal, record an album and get it into stores nationwide” model altogether – but I digress. Suffice it to say Quan’s rap on the above intro and on that single suggest a polished rapper that 10-15 years ago would have been hungrily snapped up by an indie imprint until bid on by a major label. Q found an ideal analogy for his career in the NFL:

“I’m the underdog y’all, Kurt Warner of rap
Payroll ain’t even close to the salary cap!
Maybe I’m wantin too much, you shouldn’t bother me
Do it my way, still make a million dollars
While most cats that are noted for playin this label game
After everybody’s cut, our bank accounts look the same
So niggaz get fame, and people call they name in the mall
That’s just more folks to know how you fall
See if I’MA go down I’ma GO givin my all
Rockin a couple hundred people yellin YES YES Y’ALL”

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