Are We Cultivating A Gangland Culture?

I wonder what the intent was for the people who thought about making the Gangland series.  This is actually more just a question than anything.

I have to admit, when Gangland comes on I’m glued to the tube.  It’s entertaining, informative, and seemingly a very strong part of the culture that we are all living in today.  I watched what has become to be the “cliche” episode today about “Lords of Dopetown” Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes and listened as the narrator said that these where the “heroes of Harlem” during that time.  I couldn’t help but acknowledge that in so many ways, they still are.  We live in, breed, and nourish this in the Hip Hop culture so if this seems like an issue to you then YOU have to change it.  If not… keep doing “you”.

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So to my original thought.  It seems that as we continue to watch this we stay in the “American Gangster” mindset.  While this maybe beneficial to a VERY few, it has a definite end to the rest of everyone else.  Prison and/or death.

Not to take away from what was done or to be labeled as a “hater”, BUT…  what happened to glorifying our positive leaders also?  Why not talk about the doctors and lawyers; the teachers and politicians; the fathers and the mothers?   Why not show peoples great accomplishments and overcome hurdles as well?  Is it a must that every image we see be “baller”, “gangster”, “hustler”, or athlete?  I know people are going to jump up and scream, “What about Obama?”, but it seems that since Obama there has been more American Gangster-ish images being propagated to the masses.   In a lot of cases the Obama Effect has worn off.

So, what now? How do we find a healthy and beneficial balance?  Did people stop dreaming when they started hustling?  Was “by any means necessary” applied beyond intention or is this all acceptable?  I’m old enough to go out and find what I want to know and know that one way is not the only way but what about our kids?  What about the Hip Hop culture that we live in, bread, and continue to perpetuate?  What happens now?

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