Skateboard Culture & Hip Hop Culture Do Innertwine

L.I. Decks is an independently owned branding and lifestyle company that’s geared toward the skateboard culture.

Founded in 2010 with the goal of supplying the skate community with 100% professional; quality stiff wood. L.I. Decks offers many other unique products such as: Decks, Trucks, Wheels, and Bearings. L.I. Decks is also a full service one-stop for clothing and apparel as well as relevant independent productions of television & films. L.I. Decks is a company for street skaters, pro riders, and beginners. A movement is not a movement unless it’s moving… Who rides your boards?…

Who knows, maybe they will sponsor LexZyne Productions and push a few LexZyne decks.  Possibility?  What do YOU think should happen?  Leave a Comment


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