It Seems Like It’s Workin’ Don’t It – IMAKEMADBEATS & Butta Verses

We had the fortune of meeting up with Butta Verses a little over a year and a half ago.  He was going through the struggle that most good emcees go through [still is].   He has true skills and much more than just basic talent, but because he wasn’t drinking cris, spinnin’ big wheels, or mad iced out, he wasn’t picked up an pushed like he should have been because the “machine” said he didn’t fit the mold.

He did a short stint with Maseo’s (De La Soul) label and showed and proved on No, a track on the 2004 De La Soul release The Grind Date.  This should have been the starting point for a GREAT career [see Mos Def] but it didn’t turn out that way.  Instead of giving up like most others would have,  he took it all in to add more fuel to the fire.  He’s since worked on a few projects (including some unreleased tracks with LexZyne Productions) and continued to build his fan base.

His latest link has proven to be a phenomenal one.  He connected with a great producer (this is the opinion of a great production team), IMAKEMADBEATS, to drop a true gem on everybody’s head.

IMAKEMADBEATS presents Daylight, one half of a dual EP featuring Butta Verses.  This is the first half.  The second half, Nightlight, featuring Midaz The Beast will be coming soon.  Listen to the whole joint, download it, and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

1.IMAKEMADBEATS and Butta Verses – 01 Daylight Sunrise    01:23
2.IMAKEMADBEATS and Butta Verses – 02 Awake f. Mylodic and J Freedome    03:57
3.IMAKEMADBEATS and Butta Verses – 03 Join Me f. D. Schwartz    03:49
4.IMAKEMADBEATS and Butta Verses – 04 How Is Your Soul f. Reverend TZ    04:17
5.IMAKEMADBEATS and Butta Verses – 05 Hopeless f. Isabella Du Graf    05:03
6.IMAKEMADBEATS and Butta Verses – 06 Healing Factor    03:34


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