Dare Iz A Doxside – Dope Hip Hop – Download Now

November 1st is here! Doxside Music Group and Bloggerhouse.net Presents Dare Iz A Doxside, an array of songs from the vaults of Doxside’s distinguished and versatile roster mixed by Eric and St. Mic of the Bloggerhouse family. “Dare Iz A Doxside” features exclusive tracks from Doxside artists IMAKEMADBEATS, MidaZ the Beast, Synopse, J Freedome, Ponce Beyond, TzarizM, Heart & The Brain, Butta Verses, Intelx, Phantomshino, Relz, and more. This collection serves as a heads up of what’s to come from the Doxside artists. Download it now and enjoy!  Get it HERE

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