“Rappers Went From Selling Crack To Smoking It” – Mos Def

Remember the 1980s saying “crack is wack”? Well, this year’s catchphrase seems to be “coke is dope” thanks to hip-hop’s new generation of MCs like Kid Cudi and Soulja Boy, who’ve (allegedly) got an affinity for the white horse.

In the last few years, the fascination with the powdered substance has reached new heights. Kid Cudi’s recent arrest for possession — and his mind blowing “I was just doing some blow” justification during a Brooklyn performance — and Kat Stacks exposing Soulja Boy’s alleged affinity for blow have reintroduced the awkward union of hip-hop and cocaine to the public eye.

But when did riding the white horse become cool again?

After Grandmaster Melle Mel admitted to getting skied up on the 1983 classic “White Lines” (the “Don’t Do It” part was added after it was used for commercials) hip-hop took a step back and vowed to “Never get high off your own supply” © Biggie. What was the cool designer drug of the 80s took a mild hiatus in the 90s only to come back stronger than ever in the new millennium. Rather than just referencing the sale of cocaine in lyrics, “Dope Boy” rap transformed into “Dope Head” rap with everyone from Three 6 Mafia to Kanye West rhyming about using all that powder.

Some rappers, like Gunplay of Rick Ross’ group Triple C’s, have absolutely no shame in their game and take it a step further by showing the world how they hit the slopes… on video.

To be fair, MCs have long spit lyrics that referenced the drug but the idea of actually doing lines used to be frowned upon and blasphemous. Discovering your favorite rapper had a coke habit used to mean ridicule from your peers and possible exile from the industry (i.e. Scott Storch).

While the long-term health effects of marijuana use is still debatable, cocaine is flat out bad for you. And from Whitney Houston to Lindsay Lohan, there aren’t many good stories that come from dabbling in that white stuff. Oftentimes, the results are destructive and lead to a drastic fall from grace. I’d hate to see Soulja Boy pull an ‘Entrouage’ Vinny Chase fall from grace, because frankly, nobody will have the foresight to catch him before he hits the pavement. Not to mention, cocaine is illegal and can get you four months to 15 years in the clink. So something that can ruin your life and have you chillin’ in jail with The Booty Warrior just doesn’t sound like a load of fun. Perhaps hip-hop should reconsider its new found love for blow because, like Rick James said, “Cocaine is a helluva drug.”

Source: TheBVX
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