Old Jonesy is definitely a beat tape for true lovers of the Culture and admirers of the art.  It’s an offering specially formulated for both the artist AND the fan.  This is just our opinion, but its a pretty damn good one [opinion]. Slago a Tennessee native / Dallas TX transplant / co-host of the second longest running Hip Hop radio show in the nation, definitely brought that BOOMBAP feel with next level arrangements to the forefront with Old Jonesy.  He proved yet again that his sample game is ridiculous.  Every track seemed to be specially formulated to make you bob your head heavily (see 9th Wonder during any interview when he’s listening to beats) as they push your mind to creativity beyond the basics.

He personally has a very low key vibe, but his beats scream, “Current HOT Producer with Bangin’ Ass Beats”.   Listen below, share this with your people, and support good music and buy a digital copy to listen to all the time!!