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Dawn Gun, AKA Dawn Maldonado, is a hard working, single mother originally from Harlem N.Y.C, but has been a resident of Southern Cali since a teen. Constantly traveling back & forth, she’s had a bi-coastal up bringing that exposed her to the best of both worlds. Growing up, Dawn Gun was always surrounded with creative arts & music. At a very young age Dawn began to write poetry, which in time took the form of song lyrics. Dawn was very much influenced by classic hip hop, & credits it as her foundation & inspiration to become a rapper. Dawn actually began rhyming & recording under the moniker Mis.Led! & can be found on various projects credited as such. Her then stage name was very befitting as her youthful & innocent appearance often misled those who doubted her superior skills as an Emcee. She has since moved forward as Dawn Gun, as her style has evolved & matured quite a bit from her days as a fresh-faced MC to a gritty & well-versed self-proclaimed Str8 Shooter.

Creative expression has always been Dawn Gun’s passion, & is reflected in her music, which can be found on various soundtracks, mix tapes & compilations. In 2007, Dawn Gun, as Mis.Led!, released her debut mix tape, “Revenge of the Doorknockers” hosted by DJ JiJi Sweet; the title being a throwback to her hip hop roots, which can be downloaded at www.datpiff.com.

Today Dawn Gun is still pushing toward her dream & she is taking all the right steps. She has been in rotation on SwurvRadio.com, Music Choice TV & Sirius Satellite Radio. She performs live from coast to coast & has also traveled with the P.A.C.E. program, to various schools to promote academics through creative expression.

Dawn Gun now has an international digital downloading deal through XL Productions, of No Limit fame, & has dropped the official singles, “Hateful Girls”, “Everywhere”, “Untouchable” & “Typical”, which can be found via digital downloading stores (i.e. iTunes), internationally.

Dawn Gun also inked an album deal with indie label Get It Done Records & will be releasing her first full length LP in 2010.

She is also a member of the esteemed all female collective, The (Sis)Tem (of Project Blowed) & can be heard on their mixtape , “The (Sis)tem-Addict Takeover II”. Visit The (Sis)tem team at www.myspace.com/thesistemishot.

For booking, collaborations, song writing, info, etc., please contact DAWNGUN1@Gmail.Com.


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Tracks produced by LexZyne Productions:

Body Bag – (La Pistola) (2013)


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