Will.i.am Puffs A Smokey Cloud Over Environmentalists


Will.i.am, the Black Eyed Pea, is also an environmental activist. Just not a very smart one.

In England this week, he had a meeting with Oxford climate scholar Myles Allen. (Will gets seriousness credibility, Myles gets publicity.) Too bad Mr. Am chose to reach the city of dreaming spires in his large private “hip.hop.copter.”

Being a celeb, he made sure there were photos. Being a dimwit, he hadn’t realized that the British papers would cut him up for this ostentation.

“Shocking lack of judgment,” said the Daily Mail. As much CO2 as a Dull Normal generates in a month, sneered the Star. “Hard to believe that we can make much progress if our green stars travel” this way, said the Guardian.

Then Will ’coptered back to London to take a turn carrying the Olympic torch – which releases more CO2.

Forbes magazine recently declared Jennifer Lopez to be the “most powerful celebrity” of 2012, a claim I found so ridiculous that I ignored it.

J. Lo? Hey, George Clooney is so tight with Barack Obama that anyone who gets George angry can expect…

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Hip.Hop.Copter… really?  really dude?  No, wait… really?



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