Big Ghost Chronicles: Smarten Up Aubs… (Drake Ways)


Ayo whattup yall…the Hands of Zeus is back in the buildin nahmean. I jus got done smashin these trees in the forests n throwin some boulders into the oceans namsayin. Word is bond. Ayo summa these muthafuckas who be lookin for guidance n miracles from a nigga in these times of turmoil been askin the god his thoughts on these Drake situations namsayin. Now normally yo…I dont really like to step on a niggas toes nahmean…that aint really the Cocaine Biceps way son. I jus follow my path n dont really pay no attention to what these little sweet n low niggas do. But when muthafuckas start crossin the line….like this nigga rite here…ayo words need to be spoke on behalf of niggas who rep that “bein a man” shit namsayin. Like…that aint no shot at homo niggas b. I dont got no problems wit homo niggas nahmean. Im talmbout niggas who jus do wack ass suspect type shit all day n wanna hop back n forth over the fence.  Im talmbout niggas who sashay around in a garden of dicks all day while they splash they sweet ass appletinis  all over the music industry son. Which gon bring us to this nigga rite here nahmean. Thats rite yo…. the Harvester of Pauses hisself is back to save you broads from yalselves namsayin. You might also kno the nigga as OctobVariesOwn aka the Hugh Grant of rap. Word is bond. The original pastry puff nigga is out there promotin his new album n whatever whatever… you kno how niggas do when they bout to drop they joints….they go on radio n tv…start doin interviews….FOR ELLE MAGAZINE or whatever etc. Anyways tho…Tone jus hadda few thoughts on this shit. These are a couple a the quotes from that next issue OF ELLE MAGAZINE for example nahmean.


On getting hurt by Rihanna           

“At the time it hurt, but she didn’t mean to. I’ll never put that on her. I was hurt because I slowly started to realize what it was. I guess I thought it was more. That was the first girl with any fame that paid me any mind. You spend days reading about this person in magazines. All of a sudden you have this number-one song and you’re at some birthday party and there she is. And you’re just some naive kid from Toronto staying in some shitty-ass hotel who got invited to this party on a whim. That’s just how it happened.”  

Nigga is you fuckin kiddin me wit this shit? Son jus gon take those “vulnerable bitch” pills out the medicine cabinet n then swallow the whole damn bottle like that yo? You jus gon OD on that pathetic shit son? Ayo you on some damsel shit for this one nahmean. Have some fuckin dignity b. 


On being lonely
When you’re on the road and moving city to city, when someone isn’t there at the end of the night, you feel empty. The 15 or 20 seconds after a man reaches his climax

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