10 Year Old Boy In California Kills Racist Father

A 10-year-old Californian boy allegedly murders his white supremacist father – ReutersJeff Hall, a Neo-Nazi who lead the National Socialist Movement in south-west US, was shot to death by his own 10 year old son in their California home. The son intentionality shot dad while he was on the coach. The 10 year old boy will be charged with murder as a juvenile by a judge, not a jury. However, how could anyone prove that the boy knew right from wrong with a father that indoctrinated this child with hate and racism?

A 10-year-old boy charged with murdering his father at their home in California was being exposed to his father’s extreme neo-Nazi ideology of racism and violence at the time he allegedly turned a gun against him.

Evidence is mounting that Jeff Hall, 32, a white supremacist who led the National Socialist Movement in the south-west of the US, was involving his son in neo-Nazi activities before his death on 1 May.

A possible link between the group’s violent messages and the shooting – an act exceptionally rare for a child as young as 10 – could be an important factor in the boy’s trial.

Jeff Hall told the NY Times newspaper he was teaching the boy how to use a gun as well as night-vision gear and had given him a belt bearing Nazi SS insignia. I am guessing that Hall’s message of hate and to hate everyone was made without the caveat that the hate did not pertain to Hall.

A little more than 12 hours later, the police say, the boy stood near those stairs with a handgun and killed his father, Jeff Hall, as he lay on the living room couch.  It was about 4 a.m. on May 1;  paramedics declared Mr. Hall dead when they arrived.

The small, blonde-haired boy appeared in juvenile court in Riverside on Wednesday in handcuffs but his detention hearing was delayed to May 18 in what public defender Matt Hardy said would be a “long haul” of a case.

The child did not enter a plea and remains in juvenile hall. After the hearing, he requested a visit with his step-mother and grandmother.

The boy, whose name is not being released by The Associated Press because he is a minor, is accused of shooting his father with a handgun in the family home in Riverside. Hall was found on the couch and paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene, said Riverside police Lt. Ed Blevins.

Authorities believe the shooting was intentional but declined to comment on a motive – except to say they do not believe Hall’s neo-Nazi affiliation played a role.

There were no reports of a disturbance or argument before the shooting was reported to police, Blevins said.

“There are some very, very difficult issues in this case,” Hardy told Judge Charles J. Koosed.

Relatives of the boy who attended the hearing declined comment. His mother, Leticia Neal, said she is looking into hiring a private attorney but only learned of the shooting on Monday.

Hall’s four other children have been placed in protective custody.

The police say that the killing was intentional, but that the motives behind it are still not fully understood. But whatever the reason, it has cast fresh light on the fringe group to which Mr. Hall devoted his life: the National Socialist Movement, the nation’s largest neo-Nazi party, whose message stands in surreal juxtaposition to the suburban, workaday trappings of many of its members.

What else could anyone expect to happen when you teach a child such unbridled hate … but violence.

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