Where Do YOU Sit? – Rosa Parks 55 Years Later


Today marks the 55th anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the Montgomery, Alabama bus and it seems the remembrance is causing another controversy. Today is also World Aids Day and people are complaining that the Google Doodle commemorating Rosa Parks should have been one bringing attention to AIDs.

Yahoo on the other hand decided to go with World AIDs Day, but one wonders if that may have been decided more because it was easier to add the red ribon at the front of their logo.

yahoo aids.gif

Yahoo is not known for doing too many fancy things to their logo, while Google is fast becoming known for making its users aware of significant events. To criticize the use of Rosa Parks today is petty. People need to know about this woman and like the Doodle done the other day for Bruce Lee – which was only seen in Hong Kong (maybe in other parts of Asia but definitely not here in the US) – the Doodle is usually done country specific.

rosa parks fingerprinted.jpgSome criticize Google for not adding a Doodle for World AIDs Day on the rest of their properties but let the US search page pay tribute to this woman who became a symbol of the civil rights movement. Many have also stated that there could have been a combined Doodle – but generally the art links to a specific page, and in this case to a search results page for Ms Parks – giving us the freedom to choose.

Whether politically correct or not the symbol of Rosa Parks should not be forgotten and its importance can best be reinforced to the younger generations who skip over those few paragraphs in their history books. However, from using Google everyday, they may now have renewed respect for her impact on history.

Source: SearchEngineWatch

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