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Track listing:

Quanstar – Underdog
Kayohes – Inspiration
Von Pea – Good Life
Consequence – Alphabet boys
Dzyne Ft. LifeUnda, Tha Centop
Dzyne Ft. LifeUnda – Ms. Sex (see)
Joe Budden/ Portishead – Family Reunion
Sean Price Ft. Law & Rock – Hot
Convinced – Mass Appeal
TiRon Ft. Blu & Asher Roth – The Richers
TiRon – 1ne
TiRon – For Your Smile
Foreign Exchange – Maybe She’ll Dream of me
Mf Doom & Doc Battle – Sugar Pills Ep
Jay electronica – Exhibit C


CHRISTOPHER CROSSLEY AKA DJ D’Chris /Bruce Wheyn – Is the second member of D2B (dem 2 boie) production team, CEO / Production DJ for Flip City Entertainment, Managing Director of  Diamond Cut Studios and C2 Technology Limited. He learnt to play the piano at the age of 10 but it was not until at the age of fourteen when he was introduced by a friend to a pair Technics 1200s, a dj was born and he further surrounded himself with the Elements of Hip Hop.

Finding himself at many house parties but unable to afford 1200s his rig comprised of a tape deck and an old 8 track stereo using the record player it carried, he quickly got the name DJ TDK. Over the years as his talent and presence grew his face showed up in places from his own Open Mic Sessions, to poetry spots and to Underground Hip Hop parties.

In 2005 he travelled to New York and graduated from the Scratch DJ Academy, while there he met up with greats like Grand wizard Theodore, Grand Mixer DXT, Jazzy Jay, Chuck D & Prof. Griff from Public Enemy, DJ Johnny Juice, Neil Armstrong Of 5th Platoon and DJ Jesse Felluss to name a few. Now in his 20s Chris has evolved from the party DJ to a production DJ.

In 2008, DJ D’Chris started his own internet mix show and got the attention of The Draft Pick DJs and now as an official member he hosts The Caribbean Draft Pick Mix Show now called the Flip City Mixshow. From this he has interviewed artists and producers such as Marco Polo, NYOIL, Termanology, The Juggaknots, Kazi the Blak, The Bash Brothers and The Bredren. He also hosts a Soul, Hip Hop & R&B show called Heart of the City for Got Soul Sessions radio a station out of Houston. He entered the mix tape circuit hosting 2 Rosco Check Dig Series, Industry Standard and his signature series being The Mainstream Underground Mixtape, he has also written reviews for one of the leading mix tape magazine, The Foundation Magazine.

DJ D’Chris views himself as one of the few trying to keep the DJ where they need to be in the Elements of Hip Hop.


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