G.O.O.D. Music Cypher on B.E.T. – One Of The Few Good Things About The Show [Video]

[I.M.O.] One of the few things that was respectable about the BET award show was the G.O.O.D. Music Cypher. Some of the other stuff they tried to pass off as “Hip Hop” was way short of that.  1st.  Kanye:  I think this was a “real” freestyle.  I applaud the attempt, but it was a bad intro for what was to follow.  2nd. Pusha T:  Same m.o. but new hunger.  His wordplay is still at an above average level.  3rd. Big Sean:  A good way to introduce himself to the masses.  He has a good delivery and if he can keep the same type of fun / real / skillful flow, his career should be good.  4th. Cyi Da Prynce: This was personally my first time hearing of him.  I was impressed.  Hes a good look for ATL.  I think he will have a very good run.  5th.  Common: I really don’t need to say much.  It’s “Com Sense”.  He’s “the future of the retro”.  You can tell he used to love her, and still does.  6th. Kanye: This was actually a good look for him.  This wasn’t a freestyle like his intro attempt, but he still shows that he has the gift.

What did you think about this cypher?  What did you think about the whole BET Awards show?  Leave a comment and let us know.


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