Classic Kung Fu & Hip Hop Merge – Remember This? [Video]

Kung Faux is a critically acclaimed comedy television and dvd series created by Mic Neumann that remixes classic kung fu movies with popular music, comic book style editing and video game style special effects, and new voice-over dubbing from primarily hip hop personalities & pop culture stars.

Kung Faux – Ill Master 1/3

Kung Faux – Ill Master 2/3

Kung Faux – Ill Master 3/3

Kung Faux was first created as a movie treatment in 1999 before transforming into a half hour TV series by the series creator, producer, director and entrepreneur Mic Neumann through his production company, Dubtitled Entertainment. The original Kung Faux series first aired on the websites “” and “” as a video pitch treatment for a proposed film version of the idea in the Winter of 1999 before transforming into its current form and airing again on television in April 2003 in the USA on the Fuse music television channel. From there it migrated to over 150+ countries worldwide.

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