DMX Tells Plies The Truth About Teachers [Video]

DMX sat down with Young Dip TV recently and didn’t bite his tongue when talking about who he feels is one of the worst rappers out today.

Dark Man X tipped his hat to T.I. as an artist he enjoys listening to, then took aim at Plies, specifically for his song “Bruh Bruh”.

“I’m sure I don’t even know who the worst is, but he [Plies] has to be one of the worst,” X said. “Bruh Bruh…are you serious? That has to be one of the worst…like how do you even fix your mouth so say that or spell that? What a lot of people don’t understand is that we as artists, are teachers. And if you’re teaching people to spell like that and talk like that, then you’re dumber than the people you’re supposed to be teaching.”

Source: ThisIs50

What do you guys think of DMX’s comments? Is Plies one of the worst rappers and is “Bruh Bruh” that bad of a song? Leave a comment and let us know.


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