Obama A Muslim? Not A Citizen? Has Big Ears?

Right-wing nuts still can’t accept that Barack Obama is president of the United States, so there must be a conspiracy. He’s Muslim! He’s not an U.S. citizen! He’s got huge ears! Fortunately, the POTUS set the ignorant masses straight in an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams this weekend.

Even though Obama’s been in office for more than a year, and U.S. citizenship is a requirement to become president, one-fifth of Americans still think he’s a foreigner. No, seriously, the number of people who don’t think he’s a citizen of the United States has actually risen since he’s been in office. How ridiculous is that?

In response, Obama took time out from acknowledging the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in the oil-drenched gulf to deal with these foolish allegations.

“There’s a network of misinformation that, in a new-media era, can get churned out there constantly,” Obama told Brian Williams. “I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered to my forehead.”

Word. Now if only we could get Glenn Beck’s birth certificate as spawn of the devil plastered on his forehead.

Check out the POTUS’ interview below.

Source: The BVX

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