Tha Centop

Tha Centop is known as a 26 year-old Rap & R&B Lyricist / Songwriter, Producer, and Performing Artist. He is also known as Tha Rapp Game Rocky, Tha ReMix King, and Beast Mode Activated. As a young boy, he had dreams of being an NFL Player.  However, he was steered toward music and the unknown love he had for rhyme.

It was official that after his meeting Memphis, Tennessee Rapper 8-Ball of the multi-platinum group 8-Ball & MJG the rap game belonged to him. Also, with that connection he knew then all things were possible. Freestyling became more frequent with local rappers. Sharing the love of the rap game with others was a release and the drive he needed to bond the relationship he had developed with his music. With every cause there is an effect. Life began to get tougher for him, and he grew apart from the love of his music which steered him more toward a life of crime.

With a lot of self persuasion and meeting the right motivators that also had the passion of music; he began dedicating more time to music. Battle rapping and beating other local artist became his exposure. In the meanwhile, he was also putting out mix tapes with other local rappers under the name Mr. Cents aka Tha Rapp Starr. He left bad situations behind him, and found himself in the position to change the outlook of Houston Rapp. The goal….    bring the gritty lyrics and songwriting that hasn’t been displayed since
Scarface and the Getto Boys.

Tha Centop will be considered the greatest rapper since the Notorious B.I.G. and is so far ahead of his time. Tha Centop has been quoted saying: “Anything you don’t believe I am doing, U better think again.” He is known to have a cocky and often arrogant mic presence, but that is what makes him stand out from the rest of normal southern rappers.

Choosing to leave behind snap/ crank and usual dance songs, he is now following a path to become more than just a “Great Southern Rapper”. His eclectic style of using all genres of music from country, pop, and indie makes him versatile in his game. He often boasts “Why should I be the Best Southern Rapper, when I can be THE BEST RAPPER Period?” Often compared to the sounds of Jay-Z and Jadakiss, Tha Centop feels he embodies a piece of what makes all rappers great. He feels incorporating the charisma of Notorious B.I.G., mixing it with the word play and presence of a Jay-Z and Nas, with the punch line capability of Jadakiss, the grit and grime of Beanie Sigel and Scarface, and the delivery of a Big Pun mixed with a song writing talent of 2pac will keep him successful.

Tha Centop feels if you want to master your craft it takes study, time and dedication. Overall the talent level is immeasurable and he is becoming a force to reckon with in Industry. To leave you with one last quote from Tha Centop, “A Person living without mistakes isn’t truly living”.


Tracks produced by LexZyne Productions:

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