View All Photos | Listen up to what Radamez sez | Delilah JamesHow does one stay true to who they are, in an industry where conforming  seems to be popular? Truthfully this is not a difficult feat, though many find it hard to accomplish. If you want to know how this can be done, simply ask Radamez. He realized early that he couldn’t be everything to everyone, so he opted to stay true to himself and created from his soul. The result….each release (The Unexplained, Innovative, & Experience The Experiment: Valium One Mix Tape) has been in high demand, causing his fans and critics to wonder, “What’s next?”

Radamez, born Ramel Joseph Williams, has just released his best body of work to date. On Experience the Experiment: Valium One, Radamez invites you into his lab and forces you to take notice of his versatility. He demonstrates how to remain an individual, while spitting lyrics of substance and riding a ‘hot’ beat. This piece of work is already bearing comparisons to that of Common’s “Electric Circus” and Mos Def’s “The New Danger”.

Radamez prides himself on making music of substance which has not gone unnoticed. At the ASCAP Expo 2009 his song The Archeologist, from his album Innovative, was chosen for the Hip-Hop panel out of thousands of entries. He draws a great deal of inspiration from Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill, which has enabled him to bring a certain level of consciousness to his music. He writes lyrics as if he were asking himself, “How can I feed the hip-hop nation?”

Though the story of his life reads like a book, shared by many, it is his execution of life that distinguishes him from others. The many life lessons learned while growing up in Carona Queens, New York are expressed in his music. Radamez is not to be mistaken for one of those artists who speak on subject matter, in which they are not familiar…He lives his lyrics. His music chronicles his life from New York to Kansas, where he earned a B.S. in Psychology to Indianapolis, where his musical career has begun to soar.

An artist first, Radamez is also owner of Team Triumph Publishing Company. His music is very important to him and this is apparent to his fans and critics across the country. Once he reaches his level of satisfaction, as an artist, he plans to venture off into other facets of the entertainment industry. Radamez is making things happen and is an exceptional example of how you can stay real and still receive admiration and accolades from the masses.


Tracks produced by LexZyne Productions:

LexZyne Productions is currently working on a Experience The Experiment Valium II with Radamez .  Tracks for this project will be outlined when completed.


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