Passion of Price – Sean Price

If you know me (Lex) then you know im a serious Duck Down fan. The whole camp is sick. Peace to the brother General Steele for always talking back and giving us a look and going back to just listen to tracks and giving us good feedback.

That being said, I’ve been a serious Sean Price fan since the shot was aired and he left the starting line. I was recently asked who I would really want to get down with as far as beats go for LexZyne Productions and there’s really a hand full of people that are top of the list… this is in no particular order.. but General Steele, Sean Price, Ghostface, Random Axe, Blu (Below the Heavens, Blu), Gods’Illa, Mos Def, the whole Duck Down camp, and a few others.

Yo, P.. get at us. We’re ready!! Salute!

Ok, so we happened to find Passion Of Price on Youtube and wanted to share it with you. If you see any of the people on the list of names… let them know to hit us. We’re fans of the music and livers of the culture first.


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Real life Hip Hop… Do your homework!


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