Blast It Or Trash It: Unite Us – The Black Chamber Movement ft. Slim Gravy

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Blast It Or Trash It?

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The Black Chamber Movement was established in 2006 with a  foundation based on “Highest truth not the biased truth”. Chamber Rebels include 4 emcees :SamUiLL, Pihon, Dezyne, 7Knuckles and graphic/visual artist Diplomatiq. Each experiencing a first world existence through a third world perspective, the Chamber Rebels bring a unique artistic style and approach to music while offering something with more substance and stimulation then provided by mainstream today. Keeping messages in their music dedicated to shedding light on world issues and events from historical to current times and described as “journalists on a beat” , Chamber Rebel’s revolutionary music movement speaks on topics ranging from poverty, war, religion, politics, and social injustice.

Black Chamber Movement creates music that brings awareness to listeners, elevates minds and encourages people to a more free thinking, open minded world. In addition to being activists through music, Chamber Rebels are involved with several groups and grass roots organizations that are structured to rebuild broken communities and focused on the liberation of oppressed people everywhere. The collective keep working to bring a conscious awakening and hope through music to help steer our world towards a positive direction.

Source:  Chamber Rebels


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