2nd Street Jazz Cafe In L.A. Was On Fire: The Sistem – Gimme That [Live]

Sistem Crew

Project Blowed’s own (SIS)tem Crew had Matsumoto’s 2nd Street Jazz Cafe (Los Angeles, California) on fire with their live performance of their latest single Gimme That.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT6fj2d5UDU’]

Download Gimme That by clicking here.


The (SIS)TEM is a collective of female emcees, producers, vocalist, and Djs, co-founded by Aceyalone, Badru, and DVS 1, from the legendary Project Blowed in Los Angeles. DVS 1 created and hosted a hip hop show respectively named, “Female Perspective.” Being a female emcee she saw that on the main stream, as well as the underground, women weren’t getting their just due. She decided to organize an event show-ing off the ladies’ talent. By the time she reached the second one the roster for performers doubled. This prompted the idea to create an album of all female emcees because apparently there was an untouched fan base out there for it. “We never knew there were so many hungry, motivated driven women all on the same grind”. You can call it “the female Wu-Tang”. The (SIS)TEM is about 15-20 solo artists all coming together to push one goal; For women to gain the respect they deserve on the mic. The (SIS)TEM came about during a time when Hip Hop is starving for feminine energy. These women are definitely filling the void with quality music.


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