Free Music: A Free Dancehall Sensi One Hour Mix [Listen Now]

We know that a lot of people are new to Hip Hop and may not know that the musical aspect of the culture has many roots.  One of them just happens to be Reggae music.  Since the beginning of Hip Hop, Reggae music has played a very important role.  They actually heavily influenced each other.  Reggae music added a different element to Hip Hop and Hip Hop added a different element to Reggae.  If you don’t believe me go and listen to early Reggae, then fast forward to Dancehall music of the early 90’s and on and come back and let us know what you think.

That being said, you can consider Reggae / Dancehall a big part of Hip Hop.   Soooooooo we’re bringing you some more music to add to your collection.  Do your homework people!!

Listen then leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Wild Life – Ele Intro
Wild Life – Ganja Yard
Chezidek – Bun Di Ganja
Chezidek – Ganja Tree
Chuck Fender – Gwaan Plant
Richie Spice – Marijuana
Sizzla – Marijuana
Military Man – Ganja Delivery
Pressure – Ganja Make The World Go Round
Wenchman ls Crusher – Ganja Baby
Perfect – Ganja Spliff
Wayne Wonder ls Don Yute – Sensi Ride
Sizzla ls Tony Curtis – Ganja In My Brain
Buju Banton – Sensi Prosecution
Mitch – Gimme Some Of Dat Sensi
Anthony B – The Highest Grade
Cotti ls Cluekid – Sensi Dub
Bush Chemists – Northern Lights
Mad Professor ls Jah Shaka – Ecological
Wild Life – Ele Outro


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