Check How It Happend: J. Cole

J. Cole, birth name Jermaine Lamarr Cole, was born (January 28, 1985) in Frankfurt, Germany, and at the age of 8 months old, moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina where he was raised by his mother and aunt and his cousin Christian. His father is African American and his mother is Caucasian. Cole attended Terry Sanford High School in Fayetteville and graduated in 2003. He decided that he had a better chance of getting signed in New York City, so he attended St. John’s University on an academic scholarship where he majored in communication and minored in business, graduating magna cum laude.

J.Cole started rapping at the age of 14 when his cousin showed him the basics of rhyming and word play. Inspired by rappers such as 2Pac, Canibus, Nas, Eminem and Jay-Z,Cole developed a love for telling stories in his lyrics. At age 15, J. Cole had notebooks filled with rhymes but no beats of his own to record them with. His mother bought him an 808 beat machine so he could produce music himself.  By the age of 17, he was posting songs on various internet forums under the moniker “Therapist” J.Cole stood outside of Jay Z’s place of business for three hours in order to give him a beat he sampled by Idris Muhammad, so that Jay Z could use it. However, when Jay Z came out of his building he shunned the up-and-coming rapper.  Before J.Cole was signed to Roc Nation, he worked a job as a bill collector. One morning, he turned on his cell phone and noticed that he received a text from an associate asking J.Cole to call the associate back. He went into the bathroom to answer the phone because he was not allowed to have his phone out on his business’ floor. When J.Cole called his associate back, the associate told J.Cole that he received a call from Jay Z’s associates and that he had to meet with them as soon as possible. J. Cole decided not to stay at work and left to go back home to change and get ready for his meeting.

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