A New Film Starring Fredi “Kruga” Nwaka [Trailer]

Award winning and multi-talented Kruga, who most recently starred in the movie Dead Man Running alongside 50 Cent and Danny Dyer, turned down several major recording deals before deciding to set up his own independent company alongside GRIDLOC FILMS. ‘Men Lie…Women Lie…But the Facts Don’t’, was written and directed by KRUGA in association with Ben ‘Mestor’ of Dansac Pictures and explores the issues of relationships, love and betrayal.

Based on a true story and filmed in London, the film addresses a number of social issues – one in particular which is so often overlooked. It follows the story of Ryan CLINTON, a young man known on the streets as ‘SHANKZ’ and the events which lead to a gruesome discovery late one summer afternoon.

Starring Tanya Vital (Emmerdale Farm, Holby City) and Phoenix James (Romeo is Dying, Dora, Road to F.A Cup), alongside a number of other talented actors – the film is set to be a success. Kruga says, “I wrote this in dedication to a close friend but also to highlight the fact that what to some may just be bad news, to others, may be a catalyst for an explosion. This is an original innovative piece of work which makes for a powerful visual and thought provoking watch!”

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