Blame One: Underground Overstood [LexZyne Exclusive]

We grew up in the so-called “Golden Era” of Hip Hop so what we judge music on may differ a bit from some.  That being said, we are definitely more critical of emcees.  Way more critical than the average fan so it means a lot when there is actually an emcee that captures our ear and holds our interest for an extended period of time.

Blame One has done just that.  His lyrical content, skills, and assertive delivery have managed to keep me looking for the next release, checking for the newest song, and going back to listen to things already done.  So when the chance came to talk to him we jumped on it.  We figured that we should let people who may not know him have a chance to get familiar.

Lex: Where are you originally from?

Blame One: I was born in Toledo ohio and lived there as an infant. Moved to Baltimore as an infant to age 11 and then from age 11 on to Cali. I usually say Baltimore and Cali .

Lex: Having roots in graffiti myself, I noticed your name has writers feel to it. Were you once and are you still a writer?

Blame One: I was once a heavy graff writer. Was actually arrested 9 times for graff as a juvenile. I still paint pieces legally once or twice a year usually at writerz blok here in SD and catch a tag once in a blue moon.

Lex: Which came first, BlameOne the writer, or BlameOne the emcee?

Blame One: What came first was Fresh J and paperthin the emcee and then various graff names and finally Blame One the writer and emcee. Eventually all my focus went to the emcee aspect.

Lex: We know that a lot of your fans know the answers to some of these questions, but this is also for the people that read this that may not know much about you and your craft. We feel it’s up to us to further the education of those that are curious. That being said, how long have you been emceeing?

Blame One: I started writing rhymes when I was about 8 years old. It came very natural to me and in my environment in Maryland, I was surrounded by hip hop in all aspects. I started recorded low budget style shortly after. Still have most of my early recordings. All the interludes you hear on Days chasing days of the young kid rhyming are actually me.

Lex: When did you decide that being an artist was something you really wanted to pursue and why did you make that choice?

Blame One: I had done it for fun for over 10 years and then I finally got serious. I just hit a point in my life where I felt like I had some aspects of hip hop embedded in me that I wanted to uphold. Aspects that not many were familiar with and I wanted to portray them in the correct light so I needed to step my game up.

Lex: Would you recommend it to today’s budding artist?

Blame One: I mean if you truly have a passion for it and you know in your heart that you have something significant to offer, who I am to say don’t do it? Do that shit!!

Lex: I’ve been to San Diego quite a few times. It’s a very beautiful place to be, but on the surface it seems like a hard place for an artist to really thrive. Am I way off or would you say it seemed a lot harder than most places to actually get heard?

Blame One: Yeah its definitely quite a bit harder to be heard. In LA you can just hop in one of the many popular circles that are already recognized and someone with a widely recognized name is backing you up, your in there. Being from SD and not being visibly seen the way much of the LA nightlife is, its definitely a challenge.

Lex: Your sound is not “regional” [you don’t sound like a “West Coast Rapper] or do sound like anyone else. How important is it to you to maintain individuality in music and in life?

Blame One: It took me a long time to develop what I consider my personal style. Its definitely a combo of new and old and personal experience. Its very important for me to maintain that individuality.

Lex: If you had to pick ONE song [just one] out of your large catalog of tracks to give a first impression of you to a new listener and potential fan, which one would it be and why?

Blame One: At this particular moment in time I would say “street astrologist” its just some straight forward emcee ish. I have plenty of content to examine but I would like to start listeners off knowing that the skill is there. Now you can dig more into the philosophical side.

Blame One – Street Astrologist (Prod. by Exile)

Do you have any new projects in the works?

Blame One:
I have a new album that is done and Due for Digital release Nov 9th called “endurance”.

Lex: What can we expect from it?

Blame One:
You can expect some good old fashioned straight up hip hop. Great content and overblown with guest features. Just a very solid piece of art.

Lex: I just wanted to wet the pallet of these new artists, casual listeners, and most of all the fans. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions. Is there’s anything that I missed that you want the people reading this to know?

Blame One: The main cats I would like to address is the new listeners, because the ones who have been down from the get go already know what im about. To the new ones, give my album days chasing days a thoro listen as a reference. Then get ready for endurance nov 9th.

Lex: One last question. What does hip hop mean to you?

Blame One: EVERYTHING!! Its pretty much all I have known and learned from my entire life to a major degree until my children were born. Now I learn from them and teach them what I know. Lets keep the culture thriving and alive!! Thanks for having me!!

Blame One, thank you for taking the time out to talk to us and giving the new fans a chance to get to know you.

Do you agree that artists such as Blame One keep the art of emceeing alive and well?  Leave a comment and let us know.


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