LexZyne News & Info Has Hit A Growth Spurt

LexZyne Productions has received 1200 unique visits since the upgrade of the website layout (about 2 -3 weeks).  This does not count the repeat visitors.  The counter that shows at the bottom of every page only counts brand new visitors to the site.

We want to thank each and every person involved in our recent growth spurt.   There will be contests and free give-a-ways coming up in the future that exclusively for members of the site.  If you are not a member, you can become one by leaving a comment.  You will be directed to the sign up page.  Membership is free and will for ever cost $0.00.  These contests and give-a-ways will only be available for signed up members.

Thank you for continuing to rock with us.  We look forward to hearing from each and every person or at the least seeing a comment or two from you.  Salute, and keep tuning in!

How do you feel about the progression of the site and LexZyne Productions?  Leave a comment and let us know.


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