Together Again? 10 Must-Have Hip Hop Group Reunions

With Dipset back in the studio and State Property and The Firm talking about recording again in the near future, rap crews could be making a comeback. To celebrate the idea, theBVX came up with 10 other groups we’d like to see reunite. Let’s get together!

1) A Tribe Called Quest

Last heard: On 1998’s “The Love Movement”
After signing a demo deal with Geffen Records, Tribe released five albums together, including their classic 1993 album, “Midnight Marauders.” But they broke up in 1998, partly due to issues with their label Jive Zomba and put out solo projects.
Chances of reuniting: Not very likely.
Tribe is actually scheduled to perform the MM album in its entirety at this summer’s Rock The Bells shows. But a true Tribe reunion has been discussed so many times in the past now, we have a hard time believing it will ever actually happen. Maybe they’ll surprise us one of these days…

2) Goodie Mob

Last heard: On 1999’s “World Party”
As part of Atlanta’s heralded Dungeon Family, group members Cee-Lo, Khujo, T-Mo and Big Gipp delivered two stellar albums, 1995’s Soul Foodand 1998’s Still Standing,” before Cee-Lo left to pursue a solo career.
Chances of reuniting:
Somewhat likely. Although the group announced plans to reunite in late 2007 after a VIBE magazine profile on the Dungeon Family brought them back together, we haven’t heard anything since then. Let’s hope it wasn’t just wishful thinking.

3) De La Soul

Last heard: On 2009’s “Are You In?recording for the Nike Original Run series
De La’s consistently dropped good music for more than 20 years. Their catalog includes the classic 1989 debut, 3 Feet High and Rising,” their follow-up 1991’s De La Soul is Dead” and 1996’s “Stakes Is High.”
Chances of reuniting:
Very likely. De La’s never broke up per se; they’ve just gone on long hiatuses between albums. Their contribution to the Original Run series was actually pretty dope, but they haven’t released a proper album since 2004’s “The Grind Date.” How about it, guys?

4) Geto Boys

Last heard:
On 2005’s “The Foundation”
Since getting together back in the late 1980s, this Houston-based rap group has proved that there are plenty of Southern acts that can rip the mic just as well as their East Coast counterparts. Their success also gave way to the solo success of Scarface.
Chances of reuniting:
Somewhat likely. “The Foundation” was a comeback album of sorts, reuniting the group for the first time since the late 1990s. It was also pretty successful commercially. So we wouldn’t be surprised to hear these guys bring the old group back at some point in the near future. If only Scarface didn’t hate Bushwick Bill…

5) Little Brother

Last heard: On 2007’s “Get Back” (2009’s “Leftback” didn’t feature producer 9th Wonder)
As 50 Cent tore up the charts in 2003, this North Carolina trio ruled the underground with their debut, “The Listening.” Their first major label LP in 2005, “The Minstrel Show,” was also viewed as a win for true hip-hop heads because it was released at a time when most labels were focused on crunk music rather than the stuff of Phonte, Big Pooh and 9th Wonder.
Chances of reuniting:
Not very likely. Phonte and 9th engaged in a war of words on Twitter last year after 9th wouldn’t allow the group to use one of his beats on “Leftback.” And Phonte and Pooh have agreed to go their separate ways for awhile. Don’t hold your breath.

6) D12

Last heard: On 2004’s “D12 World”
They got on thanks to Eminem‘s success in the late 1990s. But both their 2001 debut, “Devil’s Night” and 2004 follow-up album sold well commercially and charted high.
Chances of reuniting:
Very likely. The 2006 death of Proof struck a real blow to the group’s future. However now that Em’s grieved and gotten begun rapping again, there’s talk of a D12 reunion actually happening and we wouldn’t be shocked to see it go down.

7) N.W.A.

Last heard: On 1991’s “Niggaz4Life”
Much of the success that the West Coast enjoyed during the 1990s can be attributed back to N.W.A. Their 1998 sophomore album Straight Outta Compton” is one of the best rap albums of all-time and cements the group as a hip-hop history staple.
Chances of reuniting:
Not very likely. Considering Dr. Dre can’t find the time to contribute to Ice Cube‘s new project, you might think there’d be no shot for the surviving members to work together in the future. But with a biopic scheduled to be shot about the group, don’t count them out just yet.

8 ) Juice Crew

Last heard: On the 2009 tribute song “Mr. Magic Tribute”
They never recorded an official album together, but the legendary Juice Crew-a collection of mostly Queens-based artists including Marley Marl, MC Shan and others-was very influential to the next generation of Queens-bred artists and hip-hop as a whole.
Chances of reuniting:
Very likely. To some extent, members of the Juice Crew will always work together, despite the fact that many of them no longer rap full-time. If for nothing else, they need to continue on to preserve their legacy.

9) Run-DMC

Last heard: On 2001’s “Crown Royal”
What is there to say about Run-DMC? They helped put hip-hop music on the map. Their early albums, “Run-DMC” (1984), “King of Rock” (1986) and “Raising Hell” (1986), produced most of the first major rap singles and the trio were elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year.
Chances of reuniting: Not very likely.
Unfortunately, we have to add “And for good reason” to that, because their 2001 album left a lot to be desired. But, that doesn’t mean Rev Run and DMC shouldn’t stay involved in the hip-hop community and carry on the Run-DMC name for the late Jam Master Jay.

10) The Fugees

Last heard: On 1996’s “The Score”
All you need to know is that The Fugees released a “Greatest Hits” album in 2003-that was basically a re-release of “The Score.” That’s how good that album was and how important it was to hip-hop.
Chances of reuniting: Not very likely.
They were rumored to be reuniting in 2004. That never happened and we’ve all but given up on this ever happening. Still you can’t make a list about rap crew reunions without including The Fugees. We can dream, right?

Source: The BVX

Are any groups left out or would you change the order at all?  Leave a comment.  We would like to know what YOU think.


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