How Old Is Your Soul (Musically)?

As a production team that samples heavily, we listen to a lot of classic soul music that may have been overlooked.

Today started off as any other weekday.  I listened to new music in the car that was sent to us over the weekend (the car is the ultimate ear test).  I was seriously vibing off of the new lyrics of old soul tracks that were reformulated, rearranged, and re-funked by us.  Needless to say, the five minutes that it took for me to walk from the parking lot wasn’t enough to erase the feeling and mood I was in.

Once hitting the office I immediately turned my laptop on and went straight to Pandora.  I tuned into my ‘Black Ivory’ radio station and my Levi’s changed to bell bottoms and the collar on my Marc Ecko shirt went butterfly.  I could swear my office light turned red and a felt poster appeared under the brand new black light that showed up on my wall.

As my ear got really in tuned to what was being played, I realized what my Mom and Dad meant when they said “..when music was really music”.  Every song that was played invoked a serious emotion.  I could tie almost every song to a moment in my life and by hearing the singer I was taken right back to that moment.

Hey Beyonce,  lets do that again.  Yo Drake,  thats a goal to shoot for.. a good reason to rearrange a video shoot for.  “YEAH” *Lil Wayne ad-lib voice*.


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