[Video] 50 Cent Calls In On Shyne – What do YOU think?

Curtis Prank Calls Shyne’s Conference Call

Shyne on Curtis: “He’s Stalking Me”

“Wow. That’s like an all-time low,” Shyne said. “I didn’t know he was so desperate. He’s gone from confidential informant, witness-protection program dude, getting order [of protection] on muthaf—as. Now he’s a stalker. I was in shock. He called up saying he was ‘Jamal from Harlem.’ He didn’t call up saying he’s Curtis Jackson, Hawaii 5-0. He’s a busta. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe he would stoop to that low. Then again, a guy in the witness-protection program, he has no shame.”

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Source: Nah Right


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