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LexZyne Productions Fight Club
LexZyne Productions We Have It
LexZyne Productions The Land Between
LexZyne Productions Tenement Western

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"We Bought Beats"

  • queen kandi cole
    They came through when I needed them to remix/redo beats for my last project. I want to do a full one artist, one producer project with them.
  • quanstar
    I've used them on almost everything I've released in the past 7 - 10 years.
  • doitall du
    They used to send tracks with WILD names. One day I just happened to click on an attachment and immediately regretted deleting the previous emails. They have since calmed from the crazy names.
  • cristy b
    I can always count on their soulful sound with their boombap drums that give me the feeling I like to have when going into the booth. They definitely spark my creativity.
  • seven da pantha
    That last beat you sent me was FLAMES!

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