DJ Jav Presents: ORPHANS – Homeboy Sandman [New Music]

Hailing from the DC/MD/VA area, DIAMONDCUTTERZ’ DJ JAV…


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Hailing from the DC/MD/VA area, DIAMONDCUTTERZ’ DJ JAV holds down several club residencies, rocking crowds throughout the area on a weekly basis. Both a friend and astute fan of Homeboy Sandman’s music and movement, DJ JAV proudly & humbly took on the mission of shedding light to some little known, underexposed or simply slept on Boy Sand heat rocks.

Fresh out of the lab with exclusive remixes and an exclusive radio freestyle, the 80 minute long mix “Orphans” highlights 30 Homeboy Sandman gems exhibiting elite lyricism and wordplay combined with amazing production from the U.S. to London & Wales, brought to life by the likes of P.So, 2 Hungry Bros, Psycho Les, Jinesis and more. An Intro beat produced by Low Budget Crew’s Kaimbr and cover art by DC Native Aniekan Udofia make this project a definite must listen.

The A Side
1. Orphans Intro (produced by KAIMBR)
2. Shouts to Common (produced by Reality)
3. Bonkers (produced by P.So)
4. Sand Be The Broham (beat jacked from an Asher Roth joint)
5. Not Pop (Remix by Jinesis)
6. Same Number Same Hood (produced by 2 Kids From Pluto)
7. Increíble –The Boy Sand Remix (beat jacked from a Mickey Factz joint)
8. Beautiful Life (Dilla beat but jacked from Q-Tip)
9. Chimera Out Now (produced by Fred Ones)
10. Fully Equipped (produced by The Clubhouse)
11. Reloaded w/Javier Starks & Substantial (produced by Joe D.)
12. 72 Bars for Chosenberg (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
13. New York Knights (produced by DFM)
14. A Weird Day (produced by Paul White)
15. The Carpenter (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)

The B Side
16. Halftime Radio Freestyle w/DJ Eclipse shout out DJ JAV
17. Can You Feel It? (produced by MisterDigital)
18. Rated Ours (produced by K.O. Beatz)
19. I Knew (beat completely jacked from 24 Carat Black)
20. Flute Killas (produced by Psycho Les of the Beatnuts)
21. Subject Matter Out Now (produced by Audio Games)
22. Holy Mackerel featuring Sene (produced by J57)
23. Maestro Madness (produced by Jinesis)
24. Look Out (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)
25. Fantastic (produced by Steve Austin)
26. Love Love 2 (produced by Nate G)
27. Canned Goods (Sir Preiss Remix)
28. Parallel Perpendicular (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
29. First Of a Living Breed Out Now (produced by Paul White)
30. Sputnik (Remix by Krash)
31. Brown (produced by Jonti)
32. Orphans Outro


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DJ Jav And DJ Mim Presents: Venus VS Mars – Hip Hop Duets

VENUS vs. MARS – Hip Hop Duets features some of hip hop’s best…

Once upon a time in a land far, far away; DMV DJ’s JAV & MIM were enjoying fine lunchtime cuisine when they decided the “Hip Hop Game” was sorely missing those classic duets which dominated the airwaves in the 90′s and 2000 era. Both DJ’s took to the lab and whipped up a quick mix of classic hip hop duets. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DJ Jav & DJ Mim present: VENUS vs. MARS – Hip Hop Duets.

VENUS vs. MARS – Hip Hop Duets features some of hip hop’s best duets including Erykah Badu feat. Common “Love of My Life”, Ghostface Killah feat. Mary J. Blige “All That I Got is You” and of course Method Man feat. Mary J. Blige “All I Need.”

Stream and download Venue vs. Mars – Hip Hop Duets below!

Source: IHeartDilla

Stand By – Krack Money (HeadKrack | Money Stax) [New Music]

Krack Money (HeadKrack & Money Stax) teamed up with…


Krack Money (HeadKrack & Money Stax) teamed up with LexZyne Productions to bring Standby.  Is this a peek at a possible new project?  It just might be.  You never know with these two true spitters, but it  would be a good look!


Song title: StandBy

Group name: KrackMoney

Artists names: Money Stax / Headkrack
Produced By: LexZyne Productions |

Passion of Price – Sean Price

If you know me (Lex) then you know im a serious Duck Down fan…

If you know me (Lex) then you know im a serious Duck Down fan. The whole camp is sick. Peace to the brother General Steele for always talking back and giving us a look and going back to just listen to tracks and giving us good feedback.

That being said, I’ve been a serious Sean Price fan since the shot was aired and he left the starting line. I was recently asked who I would really want to get down with as far as beats go for LexZyne Productions and there’s really a hand full of people that are top of the list… this is in no particular order.. but General Steele, Sean Price, Ghostface, Random Axe, Blu (Below the Heavens, Blu), Gods’Illa, Mos Def, the whole Duck Down camp, and a few others.

Yo, P.. get at us. We’re ready!! Salute!

Ok, so we happened to find Passion Of Price on Youtube and wanted to share it with you. If you see any of the people on the list of names… let them know to hit us. We’re fans of the music and livers of the culture first.


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Real life Hip Hop… Do your homework!

Yo Soy La Mierda – Quanstar (Review) []

Quanstar is the lyrical representation of a skyscraper


Quanstar is the lyrical representation of a skyscraper
 artist, meaning he has many levels that define him as an
 artist. This is very evident when you listen to this latest
 project “Yo Soy La Mérida” which translates into I’m the shit
 in Spanish. In this very eclectic project Quanstar gives you
 his raw ability with each bar and he gives his creativity
 with his sound. On tracks like “Sunshine” in which this very
 slow track is deepened by his lyrics and flow. Quanstar gives
 you his bragadocious and arrogant style with a very fun and
 real track “Standing Ovation”. In the title track “Yo Soy La
 Mérida” the beat and his lyrical flow seem to complement each
 other so well. This was a great project with catchy hooks, 
interesting beats, added to an almost nostalgic 90’s Hip-Hop
 feel with his lyrics and flow. DefinitelyAmazing gives this
 album a (read the rest here).

Listen Below:

Yo Soy La Mierda – Quanstar [] [New Music]

Quanstar is an Atlanta-based rapper whose resume includes ten…

Quanstar is an Atlanta-based rapper whose resume includes ten albums, a documentary,a book, a cooking show he does with his kids (, and a blog about indie hip-hop ( You can’t knock Quanstar’s hustle or dedication to his craft. His latest album, titled “Yo Soy La Mierda: La Subida de un Hombre Negro” contains ten tracks of positive and independent hip-hop for your appreciation.

If my high school Spanish can be trusted, his album translates to “I Am the Shit: The Rise of a Black Man.” No one can accuse Quanstar of being overly humble. On album opener “Standing Ovation” he takes the opportunity to pat himself on the back.

“Cocky arrogant and amazing
Get off your seats for the standing ovation
Wish that I could say that I didn’t deserve it
Should act modest but it really ain’t worth it
‘Cause it’s my time right now”

The tag line below the title reads “Real life hip-hop for real live people,” which speaks to Quanstar’s main lyrical focus. He keeps it real, rapping about his struggles, his frustrations, his victories, and his faith in hip-hop as an art form and way of life. He raps about how central music is in his life on “Sunshine,” owns up to his own shortcomings on “Guilty Intentions,” and raps about life on the road in “Home Coming.” The latter song is a warts-and-all examination of the ups and downs of touring, and getting screwed over by shiesty promoters:

“Showing up at the spot
That’s really a restaurant
No stage, no setup
Wondering what is going on
Said he thought that we were bringing our stuff
Turntables mics and speakers gotta be all on us”

In terms of flow and delivery, Quanstar sounds inspired by “Reasonable Doubt” era Jay-Z, rapping with an unhurried and self-assured style. The 90s vibe is also present in the production. LexZyne offers up… (read the rest here)

Listen Below: