Amy Winehouse Found Dead At Her London Home

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead…

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her North London home, Sky News is reporting. The Daily Miror reports that police have confirmed the passing.

The Grammy-winning singer, best known for her hit song, “Rehab,” died of an apparent drug overdose. She’s battled drug addiction for years, having most recently checked back into rehabilitation in May.

Earlier in the day, her manager, Tim Gatt, tweeted a statement saying that she was withdrawing from all of her upcoming performances, writing, “Amy Winehouse is withdrawing from all scheduled performances. Everyone involved wishes to do everything they can to help her return to her best and she will be given as long as it takes for this to happen.”

She was an extremely talented individual.  It’s really sad that she wasn’t able to shake her demons.   The irony of it all is that the “machine” took her demons and pushed them as her number one single to the world.  Unfortunately without that a lot of people wouldn’t know who she was.  That was her relative point to a lot of people in one way or another.

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Turn Your Speakers Way Up – Catch The Message Of ’96

Turn your speakers WAY up…

Turn Your Speakers WAY up.. then press play!

The Message” is the third and final single from rapper Nas’ second album It Was Written. It is produced by the Trackmasters, who sample Sting’s “Shape of My Heart” for the song’s beat. The song features scratching provided by Kid Capri and lyrics about the life of a thug. “The Message” was only released as a single in France and did not manage to reach any music charts. A black-and-white music video was made for the song. “The Message” also features vocal samples from Nas’s 1994 classic “N.Y. State Of Mind” with Nas saying “I never sleep/cuz sleep is the cousin of death”. And, “I ain’t the type of brother made for you to start testin'”. And “Halftime” after his second verse saying “There ain’t an army that can strike back”.

It was released during the feud between the East and West Coast. West Coast rapper 2Pac viewed the first lyrics of the song “Fake thug, no love, you get the slug, CB4 gusto, your luck low, I didn’t know till I was drunk though” as a subliminal diss and responded in two songs from his last album whilst alive, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory: “Bomb First” and “Against All Odds”. Although the two rappers purportedly reconciled before 2Pac’s death, 2Pac was never able to edit the lyrics against Nas due to his murder.

Nas has confirmed that the song actually disses The Notorious B.I.G. with the lines, “There’s one life, one love, so there can only be one King.”[1] While the quote “there can only be one king” is attributed to Pablo Escobar, a role model of Nas, this lyric challenged Notorious B.I.G.’s title of King of New York at that the time of its release. He responded on the track “Kick in the Door” from his 1997 album Life After Death.

Reading about old beef is kind of strange sometimes.  I wonder if things could be taken back…. would they.  Then again, some of hip hops greatest songs wouldn’t get made.  What a funny world we live in.

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Dope Music: DJ JAV – Fly Casual – Episode 1

Press play to listen, then leave a comment…

Press play to listen, then leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

DJ JAV – Fly Casual – Episode 1 by DJ JAV


SUBSTANTIAL – Casually Flying Intro
Gangstarr – Take Two and Pass
Casual – It’s Like That
Nottz Raw – Break Bread
Saafir – Can U Feel Me?
Afu Ra – Whirlwind Thru Cities
Substantial – Another Day In The Life
Shyheim – On & On
Gangstarr – Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)
Skyzoo – Speakers On Blast
Jeru The Damaja – Jungle Music
The ROOTS – Proceed III
MURS – Marry Me
HOMEBOY SANDMAN – Yeah, But I Can Rhyme Though
Evidence – Step Brothers (So Fresh)
KRS ONE – A Friend
RODDYROD – Voodoo Butchery
Talib Kweli – Papers Please
The ROOTS – Lazy Afternoon


DJ Jav

Born in the Bronx & raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, DJ JAV® grew up with a large musical base thanks to his mother – an accomplished singer in both the theater and choir. During his pre-school and elementary school years JAV was immersed in the growing hip-hop culture of the 80’s, both b-boying and DJing. Influenced by artists and groups such as The New York City Breakers, Eric B & Rakim, RUN DMC, The Fat Boys, Whodini, LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash, Busy Bee, Cold Crush Brothers, & Doug E. Fresh – JAV began making mixtapes for friends and family at a young age. He was also well known in high school for carrying more music tapes in his bookbag than books, helping break such artists as Das Efx and Wu Tang Clan to fellow classmates.

Weekday afternoons became daily regiments of freestyle, scratching, and pause mixing sessions – being taught the art of DJing by best friend Dirty Ice. Post-High School brought the military into JAV’s life, as he joined the Army. After an enlistment in the Army DJ JAV made an incumbent return to the Washington D.C. area, linking up soon thereafter with local high school classmates and friends still engaged in the area’s music scene. Recently returning from Iraq, you can catch DJ JAV on Tuesday nights as part of the “Up and Up Happy Hour & Open Mic Showcase” and Wednesday nights for “Holla Back” – part of WPFW’s weekday “Decipher” Hip Hop Show.


DJ JAV (pronounced “HAH-VVV”)

member of #DIAMONDCUTTERZ  DJ Crew

DJ for QN5 artist SUBSTANTIAL (
Decipher Hip-Hop Radio Show, Engineer & Affiliate 89.3FM – WPFW
Ill Street Grooves Affiliate (Monday Nights), & Holla Back Wednesdays
listen online at,  10pm – 11pm

I Know Who Shot Biggie – A Confession?

He disclosed that he was the shooter…

Former Nation of Islam member, and currently incarcerated federal felon, Clayton Hill has confessed to his role as an accessory after the fact to the murder of The Notorious B.I.G.

After first contacting HipHopDX on June 8th, Hill disclosed to DX that in October of 2010 he met with Assistant U.S. Attorney Nancy DePodesta and two agents with the F.B.I.’s Domestic Terrorism Unit and revealed that in May of 1997, while acting under orders as an official with Muhammad Mosque #15 in Atlanta, Georgia, he took possession of a semi-automatic handgun from a fellow N.O.I. member from Los Angeles, California who introduced himself as Dawoud Muhammad.

“[Dawoud Muhammad] stated to me that he was on the run for the murder [of The Notorious B.I.G.],” Hill wrote to HipHopDX via the CorrLinks email system for federal inmates. “He disclosed that he was the shooter of The Notorious B.I.G. because he (Dawoud) was a former Blood gang member and was paid to do so.”

read the entire story here.