Killer Mike And LexZyne Productions Thanks To Pinc Gator [Video]

So today on Twitter we had the chance to rekindle an old connect

So today on Twitter we had the chance to rekindle an old connect.

History: A while back, while aggressively shopping beats, we happened to connect with [then] Killer Mike.  He heard a couple of tracks that he found appealing but that didn’t fall in line with the project he was working on at the time.  Usually that means [as the little fish in the big pond] you get put on the shelf and don’t get heard until you start aggressively perusing the artist again. Even that gets to be a touchy subject because you don’t want to be “annoying”, but you don’t want to give up either.  You have to try to walk that fine line, and with each person that line is different.

So we fast forward a bit to today.  We are working on a mixtape with Hip Hop artist Pinc Gator out of Houston.  Gator already has a strong following and a very distinct sound, but he connected with us to capitalize on a few other aspects of his artistry.  That being said, there is a song on YouTube that LexZyne Productions did with Pinc Gator called “Im Sorry”.  It’s been on YouTube for a minute, but for some reason today I decided to send the link to a lot of people LexZyne follows on Twitter.  Yes, [now] Mike Bigga is one of the great artist that we follow, and was a recipient of the link.  Being who he is, he decided to click on it.   Now one of your favorite production teams, LexZyne Productions,  may have a chance to create a piece of Hip Hop history with a great emcee.  Mike Bigga!!

Pinc Gator – I’m Sorry

Go to our beats page and listen to suggest a beat that you think Mike Bigga should bless, then leave a comment here and let us know.

Turn Your Speakers Way Up – Friday Flashback – West Coast Classic [Video]

Digital Underground was an alternative rap group from Oakland, California. They could also have been defined as a “project” or “music family” rather than a group, as their personnel steadily changed and rotated with each new album and tour

Digital Underground’s leader was Greg “Shock G” Jacobs – cousin of Morris Day- lead singer of The Time, which came out with hits like “Jungle Love”… (also known as Humpty Hump), who originally formed the group in 1987 with Jimi Dright of Berkeley, California (also known as Chopmaster J), and Tampa hip-hop radio deejay Kenneth Waters (also known as Kenny-K)

Digital Underground – Humpty Dance

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