We want to present you with a good portion of the tracks we have to offer. We do offer unheard exclusives and we will happily manipulate a current beat to fit your needs. Please dont hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you need answered.

Please leave a comment below the playlist to let us know about your listening experience and also be sure to check back frequently as we add new tracks on a regular basis.

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You can order beats here and receive a link to download the track as soon as your PayPal transaction is complete.

8 Responses to Beats

  1. These beats are freakin’ awesome!!!

  2. Rapscall says:

    This is hip-hop.. We will be working soon..

  3. ALKATRAXX says:

    That Living It Up Lex is tough kid!!!! Might have to scoop that!!

  4. CAC says:

    Dope beats man! CAC-TV.COM showing luv!

  5. DZYNE says:

    YEA BOY!!!! WE BACK UP!!!!

  6. M Slago says:

    The homies gets busy!

  7. @kingdariusi says:

    The illest souful production known to man!

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