Pinc GatorPinc Gator

In this world of a highly saturated genre it’s always refreshing to find a talent nestled in a pocket of industry that stands out due to raw talent, skills, and a vicious work ethic. Its compounded when that person doesn’t sound like everyone else in that specific region or the entire industry for that matter. We reached out to Pinc Gator and talked him into taking a chance to listen to what we had. more


C-Rayz WalzC Rayz Walz

If you’re looking for an emcees emcee, look no further. C-Rayz definitely has a resume that your “favorite artist” would have to respect. LexZyne Productions linked up with Waleed via Twitter. It took a minute for him to check the tracks but once he did, it was on. In spite of MTV, BET, and his heavy resume, he still remains a “real” person and works hard on the music.     more




Born in Indianapolis, IN April 30th 1983, raised in central Indiana.  Jaakob brings a very unique and positive vibe to the Hip Hop world.  Once a successful Horrorcore rapper out of Kansas City by the name of Mac Vicious, he turned to positive Hip Hop/Christian Rap.  “My soul was most definitely in the wrong place. more



950 PlusC Rayz Walz

We happened to connect with this duo while shopping beats to the Legendary AG (Showbiz & AG). He said that he was working with two cats out of the Bronx that are making a name for themselves while staying true to the culture. He shot them a couple of our beats, and they have been rocking with us since. more


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