Tha Centop

We are in constant works with Tha Centop of almost all of his projects.  You can find us on his upcoming N.A.S.A.  (Nonchalant Arrogant Self-Centered Asshole) Album, due out in the very near future.   Centop went from someone we met, to someones music we really like, to someone we work heavily with, to more like a family member.     more


DoItAll Du

You may know DoItAll Du as 1/3rd of the legendary group Lords of the Underground.  We happened to be able to to get an email address for him one day and we started sending him tracks out of the blue. He was convinced by a friend (Alkatraxx) to listen, and fell in love with a few.  Now we’re making history as we go!    more



We met Quanstar through another artist that we work with.  We were told that he would be someone good to send tracks to.  That couldn’t be more true.  From day one he has been flexing his skills as an emcee over tracks we send him and we have been MORE than impressed.  His work ethic is top notch and he is an amazing emcee.    more


R.A. the Rugged Man

We are fortunate to get to work with this legendary emcee.  He is proof that hard work and persistence pays off.  He was one of the first world wide known artists to take a chance and listen to LexZyne Productions.  He has helped us spread the word and he keeps in touch on a regular basis PLUS his music is amazing.    more



The only box that you can put this artist in comes with a bunch of knobs, 2 big speakers, and a long handle on the top.  His confidence and delivery set him apart from the average emcee which plays an important roll in his appeal.  We linked up with this C.E.O. of Team Triumph to begin to write Hip Hop history in Indiana, the entire Mid-West, and beyond.    more


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