LexZyne Productions is an innovative and constant music-making machine, composed of brothers, “Dzyne” & “Lex Luthor”

The founding ideal behind LexZyne Productions, is that we make music that WE like to listen to. Our passion for music was birthed in the 70’s era of Soul and R&B, and eventually progressed to hip-hop where it has since, had a firm hold. As our love for music has grown and been nurtured by the evolution of Hip-Hop, we are ‘those hip-hop heads’ that do draw a thin line between what we define as ‘REAL’ hip-hop and from what the younger generation may label as ‘REAL’.

From our passion, and in our effort to preserve the kind of timeless music that we grew up on, we do sample heavily and feel that part of the art of ‘sampling’, is finding the right sample in order to preserve and promote a specific feeling.

We start our creative process by taking one sample and each making a separate beat with it, then collaboratively, we go back to the drawing board to critique each track, while offering both versions as “available for use”. Although we do sample mostly Soul, we do not limit ourselves, or our creativity, to the genre. Even with the talent, skills and ability to create non-sampled beats, we find that they are not as much fun to create as when we are able to incorporate and reinvent some of the timeless classics into a feel or sound that still reaches the younger generations.

At LexZyne Productions, we never stop working.. and although we like the constant GRIND of the music-business, our insatiable LOVE for the culture is too strong to allow us to get lost in the money or compromise our passion for a price-tag.

Even if you don’t like us, WE like us.

LexZyne Productions works with both indie and major-label artists, locally and worldwide. Our main goal is to be a part of great music creation.

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