Pinc Gator

For over a decade, Pinc Gator has been inspired and motivated by music…

For over a decade, Pinc Gator has been inspired and motivated by music.  The ladder has always been a major part of his life, due to his father’s musical capabilities and involvement.  At anytime of the day the Bishop was sure to have a record serenading throughout the house, whether Gospel or Blues.  That kind of explains why there is a soulful sound to Gators voice whenever he briefly caters to his singing ability.

Gator realized rap was one of his niches when he was always able to hold an audiences attention whenever in a freestyle cipher.  Pinc always wanted to flow, but  he never wanted to write his lyrics down.  His brother always reiterated “write your lyrics down” in Gator’s ear.  After a few years of being stubborn, Gator finally took his brothers advice.  Once writing became a part of his routine, his craft actually began to grow.  Although he began writing, many times throughout the years, Gator had tried to be naive to the fact that music, not just rap was his craft.  Family and close friends were always supportive, but it was the people he did not know that sort of solidified the potential factor.

Let it be music or just ordinary life, Gator has always had obstacles to deal with.  People’s procrastination has always been a hindering in part of Gators success.  Folks have a mind frame of tomorrow.  That tomorrow attitude has created a “Bitter Over Time” attitude for Pinc Gator.  Therefore he never gets too low or too high based on somebody’s words.  He just believes it when he sees it.

Gator has a unique raspy sound to his voice that makes him stand out when collaborating with anyone. He is not your ordinary down south representer.  Although, he is very aware and appreciative of the culture that Houston has created for itself.  He tends to focus on his personal experiences with women, deceit, childhood, etc.  Gator’s lyrical wordplay and distinctive metaphors will one day create a nice place for him in Hip Hop even though his genre can be viewed as extremely diverse at times.  He might be spotted in a public setting wearing his signature football helmet without a facemask, or one of his many turbines.  Electric and outlandish pretty much sums up his character. He is not out to harm anyone, he is just going to get what he feels is his.  Pinc keeps an humble mind frame in all his endeavors, knowing that nothing last forever.

Pinc Gator is a dedicated artist and is constantly striving to perfect his craft.  Success is part of believing and having faith, and that’s what facilitates his drive.  He is not your ordinary “rapper”, due to the fact he is an all out entertainer, and loves to capture an audience. No matter what country, city, or state you are in, keep your head on the swivel, Pinc Gator is probably near.

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Tracks produced by LexZyne Productions:

The Distance – (No Face Mask) (2012)

Bang It – (No Face Mask) (2012)

The Glory – (No Face Mask) (2012)

Fortune – (No Face Mask) (2012)

I’m Sorry – (No Face Mask) (2012)

Haiti Baby – (No Face Mask) (2012)

Get Away – (No Face Mask) (2012)

Plastic People – (No Face Mask) (2012)

Never Had – (No Face Mask) (2012)

I Need You – (No Face Mask) (2012)

Dawn Gun

Dawn Gun, AKA Dawn Maldonado, is a hard working, single mother originally from…

Dawn Gun, AKA Dawn Maldonado, is a hard working, single mother originally from Harlem N.Y.C, but has been a resident of Southern Cali since a teen. Constantly traveling back & forth, she’s had a bi-coastal up bringing that exposed her to the best of both worlds. Growing up, Dawn Gun was always surrounded with creative arts & music. At a very young age Dawn began to write poetry, which in time took the form of song lyrics. Dawn was very much influenced by classic hip hop, & credits it as her foundation & inspiration to become a rapper. Dawn actually began rhyming & recording under the moniker Mis.Led! & can be found on various projects credited as such. Her then stage name was very befitting as her youthful & innocent appearance often misled those who doubted her superior skills as an Emcee. She has since moved forward as Dawn Gun, as her style has evolved & matured quite a bit from her days as a fresh-faced MC to a gritty & well-versed self-proclaimed Str8 Shooter.

Creative expression has always been Dawn Gun’s passion, & is reflected in her music, which can be found on various soundtracks, mix tapes & compilations. In 2007, Dawn Gun, as Mis.Led!, released her debut mix tape, “Revenge of the Doorknockers” hosted by DJ JiJi Sweet; the title being a throwback to her hip hop roots, which can be downloaded at

Today Dawn Gun is still pushing toward her dream & she is taking all the right steps. She has been in rotation on, Music Choice TV & Sirius Satellite Radio. She performs live from coast to coast & has also traveled with the P.A.C.E. program, to various schools to promote academics through creative expression.

Dawn Gun now has an international digital downloading deal through XL Productions, of No Limit fame, & has dropped the official singles, “Hateful Girls”, “Everywhere”, “Untouchable” & “Typical”, which can be found via digital downloading stores (i.e. iTunes), internationally.

Dawn Gun also inked an album deal with indie label Get It Done Records & will be releasing her first full length LP in 2010.

She is also a member of the esteemed all female collective, The (Sis)Tem (of Project Blowed) & can be heard on their mixtape , “The (Sis)tem-Addict Takeover II”. Visit The (Sis)tem team at

For booking, collaborations, song writing, info, etc., please contact DAWNGUN1@Gmail.Com.


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Tracks produced by LexZyne Productions:

Body Bag – (La Pistola) (2013)

C-Rayz Walz

Waleed Shabazz, better known by his stage name C-Rayz Walz, is a rapper from The Bronx…

Waleed Shabazz, better known by his stage name C-Rayz Walz, is a rapper from The Bronx, New York. He is currently a member of the underground record label Definitive Jux and NY hip hop syndicate Stronghold. In addition to releasing four LPs and one EP, he has appeared on many other rappers’ records, including Aesop Rock and Immortal Technique, and has done work with such artists as Percee P and Messiah J & The Expert. Immortal Technique is reputed to be the only MC who can hold his ground against Walz in a freestyle battle.

On June 29, 2005, he appeared with Toki Wright on MTV’s Made series as “MADE Coaches” for a Jewish teenager named Nile Greenberg (son of Steven Greenberg) who wanted to be made into a rapper. This was the premiere episode of the second series and featured Ghostface Killah, Snoop Dogg and The Game. He also appeared on the 2005 compilation album Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture. On October 14 he was featured on the concept album Freestyle vs. Written with Israeli-American hip hop artist Kosha Dillz. C-Rayz Walz freestyled all of his verses for the album, while Kosha Dillz’s used written rhymes. He is also a member of the Wu-Tang affiliated group, Almighty, along with rappers Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, M-80, Son One and 5-Star.

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Tracks produced by LexZyne Productions:



950 Plus

950 Plus has always been more than numbers in Hip Hop. Collaborating together with a Bronx legend, and mentor, AG…

950+ (Plus) is the universal symbol for platinum, and the trademark stamp that this male hip hop group is represented by. 950 consist of two extraordinary minds from the streets of the South Bronx, New York. Young Duse is the youngest member of this hip hop duo. He is the source of energy and youth for 950. F Ezzy, is the heart and blood of this unit. He is the continuing driving force that maintains their focus. Together they form one body “950” – Man Up!

950 Plus has always been more than numbers in Hip Hop.  Collaborating together with a Bronx legend, and mentor, AG, the blend of fresh and classic comes alive with every track you here on the classic staple I Ova E album. “The overall formula was to showcase 950 and AG as one, to show the competition we do come together and the outcome will always be success,” explains F- Ezzy, one half of 950 Plus. All three hail from the birthing mecca of hip hop, the Bronx and all three bring you intelligence over emotion. As their intro track starts, the resemblance to the late great Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is stamped and started. The scary and dark track matches the core of the hip hop lyrics they spit as the pianos keys blend with the banging beat. AG’s presence in this album is relevant and saluted as you feel his entrance onto a track. The legendary rappers mix of rhymes and influences is carried out between each line. If you pay close attention you can read there is much more knowledge he wants you to catch than meets the ear. You get the instant feel this album will be strong and victorious. “Till I retire” is a core seed. 950 spits rhymes with the hunger many rappers loose along their way. The struggles they know are what comes out of them vocally and as raw as they can be. They single handedly represent they are hip hop and don’t get confused for reggaeton rappers. The lady anthems are there. From “Iz U Down” to “S.I.N.G. for me,” the songs cause your hips to swing and give baby making tracks a run for their money. This is not another 950 album you heard in the past. The word play on tracks like “Ice Cold” is one which challenges your favorite southern rapper, but keeps the playfulness only Duse and F-Ezzy can voice. Meanwhile the Funk Master Flex rotated “Bronx Bound,” lets you hear AG’s seal of authenticity as you have to do nothing but pay your respects where is due. With Michael Jackson resemblances and samples all over the album, you can’t help but see that maybe they might have found more than just a formula. “We wanted to bridge the gap between fan bases and cross promote the talent to different markets,” states F-Ezzy. The bridge KRS- One told us all about, was across the Hudson to the Bronx, where it all started and where is still at.

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Tracks produced by LexZyne Productions:

Glow – (Project To Be Determined)  (2010)

Love & Berries – (Project To Be Determined)  (2011)