25 Years After Chernobyl – Are We Close To Disaster Again?

Do you think that Japan is in danger of seeing…

Chernobyl’s children: The lasting legacy of the nuclear disaster

By Melissa Bell


http://citizenzoo.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/chernobyl-child-swollen-legs-feet1.jpg?w=234&h=350This is not a pleasant video. This is not happiness. This is sorrow and damage and illness. This is the fallout from a nuclear explosion whose effects still linger 25 years later.

In April and May of 1986, for ten days, the worst nuclear plant accident in history occurred at the Chernobyl reactor. After the catastrophe, nearly 1,600 miles of the earth were sealed off in an exclusion zone. In 1997, Magnum photographer Paul Fusco started traveling to hospitals where children born within the radiation zone lived and died. For three years, he photographed their world. In the following piece, he reflects on the images. He acknowledges they are not pretty photographs, but argues that they need to be seen all the same. As one mother answered, when he asked if he could photograph her dying daughter, “I want everyone to see what they’ve done.”

Warning: The video contains graphic images.

(Via Slate)

(See the Post’s full Chernobyl coverage here.)

Do you think that Japan is in danger of seeing consequences like these from it’s recent nuclear disaster?

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New Music – “4/11” by Quanstar [Download Now]

First Team Music teamed up with LexZyne Productions to bring 6 solid…


4/11 by Quanstar

(Produced by LexZyne Productions)

April 21st, 2011 marks the release of 4/11”, the EP by Quanstar.  First Team Music teamed up with LexZyne Productions to bring 6 solid tracks of this reality rap project.  This is music for the working class.  After production on “The Underdog”, Quanstar’s  last release, First Team Music decided that they wanted to enlist LexZyne Productions to work on a series of EP’s and albums with the emcee to keep hitting the masses with on a consistent basis. This is the first.  Read a review by clicking here.


About Quanstar
An emcee, a publicist, a self promoter, a booking agent, a movie producer, an author, a father, and a visionary. These are the many faces of the man that has come to be known as the hardest working man in hip hop to never be signed.

From Compton, Ca, Quanstar was originally exposed to hip hop at the age of 7 with his first cassette tape, “Radio” by LL Cool J, and instantly became a certified head. Seven years later he began honing his skills battling everyone and anyone who thought they were an emcee.

Quanstar is a trip to the early ‘90’s, the Golden Age of Hip Hop. He paints vivid pictures with conscious, heartfelt lyrics which is a feat that few can achieve in the current hip hop arena that is now saturated with ”bling and booty”. Quanstar’s approach is to bring hip hop back to where it used to be…about the people.


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New Music: Rap Money – The Co-Op

A duo quite unlike the Hip-hop world has ever seen…


Produced by LexZyne Productions



April 20th, 2011 marks the release of Rap Money, the single by “the highly underrated” duo The Co-Op (Conscious Operations). This track features Money Stax (Vicious Cycle) and The Rapture crafting hard hitting rhymes that explain the who, what, when, and why of their joined force. It will be featured on The Co-Ops upcoming EP by the same name.

Find Rap Money free to download here


FOR RELEASE APRIL 20th, 2011. For more information, contact:

The Co-Op

ConscienceOperations@gmail.com / ConscienceOperations.com / TheCo-Op.bandcamp.com / reverbnation.com/TheCoOp420 / conscienceoperations.tumblr.com /@TheCoOp420 /@MoneyStax


LexZyne Productions

info@lexzyne.com /www.lexzyne.com / @BeDzyne / @LexZyne / facebook.lexzyne.com


About The Co-Op

A duo quite unlike the Hip-hop world has ever seen, The Co-Op (Conscious Operations) is back on the mic, renewing their vows to destroy any track in their path and make the world safe for dope MCs once again. Not only is this the clash of the sexes the rap world has been waiting for, but they also share a marriage license. Money Stax’ precise, scalpel sharp delivery is the perfect contrast to her husband The Rapture’s off kiter wordplay and unorthodox flow, making them the yin to each other’s yang on every track. With their LP, Mr. and Mrs. Spit, they explored a broad array of topics like love, hood life, world events, and the media over diverse soundscapes from DFW’s top-self underground producers. Both rappers have also branched off, with Money Stax being one half of the highly sought after female MC duo Vicious Cycle as well as her team-up with BX spitter Word Life for Monopoly. Rapture has also dropped his solo debut, The Point as well as an EP called RAMPAGE, with producer M Slago, and Dallas lyricists Dow Jonez and Word Life. Not only is The Co-Op dangerous on mics, they are also their own multimedia machine, recording, arranging, marketing, promoting, and executive producing all of their catalog, not to mention running their own websites, merchandising, and publishing. Conscience Operations is not just a rap group but an empire on the rise and their foundation (each other) just keeps getting stronger.